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Geektastic better alternative to Hackerrank

A Better Alternative to HackerRank

We compare Geektastic's human reviewed challenges to HackerRank's machine based solution



Why Geektastic is a better alternative to HackerRank

We developed Geektastic because an expert developer can do a better job than a machine of assessing a developer’s programming skills.

Platforms like Hackerrank use algorithmic based challenges to filter out the bottom 10% - A better alternative to Hackerrank is to use a platform like Geektastic that uses expert developers (who work at companies including Amazon and Google during the day) to thoroughly assess a developer’s skills and identify the top 10% from a single take-home, peer reviewed code challenges.

Here’s why we feel Geektastic is a better alternative to HackerRank.


Geektastic HackerRank
Candidates complete problem solving challenges Candidates complete algorithmic problems
Candidates use their own IDE Candidates code in a browser based development environment
Experts provide line by line code analysis Unit test give binary pass / fail results
Peer-reviewers can fix silly errors and run the code Good developers are failed for silly syntax errors
Developers can write their own feedback on the review They simply get a pass or fail result
Assessed across a wide range of skills Testing basic skills
Pay my month, no annual fees Annual subscription fees



Looking for an alternative to Hackerrank - Why not try Geektastic?

While these are some great alternatives to HackerRank, we think we can provide you with something even better. 

If you’re an experienced developer or hirer, you might be looking for a platform that offers that little bit more.

Here at Geektastic, we want you to find the best candidates for your company. 

It’s that simple, really.

Whether you’re a developer using Geektastic to hone your skills, or an employer using Geektastic to search for a qualified candidate, it doesn’t matter – we want to help you.

You might be tempted to choose HackerRank, or one of its many alternatives. 

However, over the years we’ve noticed that the entire process of hiring software engineers is pretty flawed: evaluating candidates takes too long – for everyone involved.

The solution? That’s where we come in. 

We’ll work with you to streamline the process of measuring a candidate’s coding ability. 

Our team of experienced developers will evaluate a candidate’s skill set – who better for the job than the gold standard of software engineering?

Candidates will be challenged on their overall technical ability and specific software skill set.

You can filter through candidates quickly: no more hours spent sifting through CVs and technical test results, meaning more time can be spent on the important stuff – coding!

Join Geektastic and you’ll have access to a whole new range of talent. 

We believe we are a great alternative to HackerRank - but if that’s still not enough to convince you, here’s a quick list of reasons why Geektastic could be the right platform for you.

For hirers: 


You call the shots: Pick and choose which parts of Geektastic you want to use – after all, every company is different.

Choose between our coding challenges or create your own. Use our expert review team or your own in-house team. Assess your own candidates or choose a qualified candidate from our global community. It’s entirely up to you.

There’s no bias at Geektastic: Use Geektastic to create a diverse team. All reviews are carried out anonymously, so you’ll find no unconscious bias here.

Streamline your candidate assessments: Invite your candidates to take online coding challenges with Geektastic and you’ll have complete visibility of a candidate’s progress. It’s so simple: candidates complete a coding challenge, submit it for review, and you hire the best fit for your company.

Guaranteed detailed technical evaluations: At Geektastic, we don’t rely on machines to review candidate coding challenges. 

We believe that there is nothing more effective than the human eye. We’ll provide you with our team of Ubergeeks (commonly referred to as highly skilled engineers) to evaluate your candidate’s challenge submissions. 

Our team has been thoroughly evaluated and screened: we won’t provide you with anything less than excellence.

We provide an enhanced candidate experience: We use a 360-degree code review tool so candidates can respond to the reviewer’s comments


For developers: 


WE’LL pay YOU: If you’re the best of the best, we want you to review our candidate coding submissions.

We’ll pay you £25 for each submission that you review, and each one will only take you 30 minutes or so – talk about quick cash! 

Get access to exclusive job opportunities: We really give you a chance to show off your skills. Complete coding challenges and you’ll get noticed by top tech companies – you’ll have access to roles you won’t find anywhere else.

See how you compare to the rest of the community: We use an Elo rating system, so you can really see how you compare to other coders in the community – if you’re looking for a job in the industry, what better way to weed out the competition?

Below are some screen shots from the platform, these demonstrate our philosophy of putting the developer first in the hiring process.

Line by Line code review

Our expert review team will go through the code line by line and provide detailed feedback, not only pointing our where things went wrong, but where they were right. In some instances the team will drop in alternatives to improve the code to try and make this as much a learning experience as an exam (who likes exams?!)


Dynamic Feedback

There’s nothing worse than having no right of reply.

Below is an example of Dynamic Feedback interaction between the candidate and the reviewer.

Are you interested in reading how Geektastic helped Bulb scale to become Europe’s fastest growing company 


Tied into an existing contract with another screening company? We won’t charge you any platform fees or challenge license fees until you’re free

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