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Looking at the data from our platform and the wider industry, JavaScript is one of the most in-demand programming languages and luckily one of the most popular ones to learn.

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JavaScript makes up over 25% of Jobs posted on the Geektastic platform and features in 32% of developers’ profiles. We have more Code Challenges covering JavaScript than any other language to cater for the different Frameworks and Libraries. 

Aside from the diverse frameworks, what makes hiring JavaScript engineers difficult is wide spectrum of skill levels and one engineer’s interpretation their ability vs someone else. 

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Our community of Javascript Developers, many of whom are looking for a remote role, engage in code challenges on our platform allowing them to show off their skills. This makes the process of job hunting faster and more streamlined for everyone. No need for endless technical skills testing.

We help developers and hiring teams by providing a series of JavaScript code challenges to take before applying for roles, that way developers know whether they are the right fit and don’t have to take endless code challenges when applying for each new job. In the same way, hiring teams can see a developer’s skills saving them hours of technical interviews.

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Angular, Angular.js, React, Typescript, Vue.js, Ember.js, Node.js are all hugely popular and sought after, but hiring teams are quite often looking for new team members to hit the ground running with a particular framework. 

We generally find that a developer with good core JavaScript skills can migrate to a new framework given some time to skill up. 

When you are looking for your next JavaScript engineer consider windening your search by not filtering on specific frameworks, but instead look for good allround software engineering skills. 

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