ATS Partner Integrations
for Code Challenges

Operate Geektastic Code Challenges from your ATS

Would you like to administer Geektastic technical assessments from within your ATS?

To get started you’ll need an account with Geektastic.

Once registered you need to link Geektastic with your ATS using API keys (it’s very easy, we send you a digital key (a random set of characters), you just need to send it over to your ATS provider)

You can either license a Geektastic Code Challenge from our extensive list, have our team develop you a custom challenge or upload your own Code Challenge to our platform.

From Geektastic you also decide who carries out the reviewing. You can use our expert team of reviewers or have your in-house dev team carry them out.

Please visit our pricing page for full details on costs.

Once you are all set up you can invite your candidates to take a code challenge directly from your ATS.

Once the candidate has completed their code challenge (using their own IDE not a browser based interface) and the candidate’s review has been completed (either by the Geektastic review team or your own in-house development team using our custom built code review and collaboration tools) the results are pushed back into your ATS to sit alongside all the data you have collected on the candidate within your ATS.

We will return as much data from the review as your ATS will accept, this will include (as a minimum) the star ratings the review team provide for things like Overall Code Quality, Problem Solving Skills, Solution Design, Tests (whether the candidate wrote automated tests as part of their solution) and if relevant, Multi-Threading Skills.

Geektastic Star Ratings

As with all Geektastic Code Challenges we also carry out a detailed line by line analysis on the candidate’s code, this is accessed via a secure URL we pass into the ATS so you and your team can view the detailed review online.

Geektastic Code Review Example

Geektastic programming languages and frameworks covered by our Code Challenges

  • JavaScript
    • Core JavaScript
    • React
    • Angular
  • Python
  • PHP
  • C Sharp
  • C++
  • Ruby
  • Scala
  • Java
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Node.js

If you have any questions about how to integrate Geektastic, please email the team at:

Our Current ATS Partners

Lever ATS code challenge partner

Don’t have an ATS? VISIT LEVER

Greenhouse ATS code challenge partner


Workable ATS code challenge partner


TribePad ATS code challenge partner


We are adding new integrations all the time so if you don’t see your ATS on the list please get in touch. We have completed integrations in less than a week, it just depends on your ATS’s API.