Are you ready to reduce your time to hire by 50%?


Pay Monthly - No Annual Fees

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Platform fee:
£ 500$ 700 600
per month

Monthly platform fee, only charged when you use the platform. No Annual Fees

Low Volume Hiring (< 5 candidates per month): 50% discount
£ 250$ 350 300
per month
Review fee:
£ 100$ 130 120
per review

Charged per review by our expert team, completed within 24 hours.

Free Trial - New Customers

Free trial applies to the platform fee and any code challenge license fees, the free trial includes the first two Geektastic Code Challenge reviews, thereafter they are charged at £100 (€120 or $130) per review. 

Optional additional services

Extra seats:
£ 35$ 50 45
per admin seat

2 seats included in monthly Platform Fee. Code reviewers are free.

ATS integration:
£ 100$ 130 120
per month

Invite directly from your ATS and have the results displayed on your candidates’ records.

Code Challenge licence fee:
£ 50$ 70 60
per month

License challenges from the Geektastic library.£50$7060per month per challenge and£5$76each use.

Port your challenge:
£ 500$ 700 600
one-time fee

We port your code challenge to Geektastic and have our team review to your technical bar.

Included with all plans

Optional Extras

ATS Integration


Custom Built Code Challenges:

We can build you your own code challenge tailored to your business