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Geektastic Express Code Challenges

Someone once said “Everyone has a book inside them.” At Geektastic we believe every developer has a code challenge or two.

As a developer in the Geektastic community you can now create Express Code Challenges and share them for everyone to enjoy.

What are Express Challenges?

  • Express code challenges are multiple choice code challenges
  • Each question should be designed to take a maximum of 4 minutes to complete.
  • Each question needs to have 5 possible answers, only one of which can be correct.
  • One of Geektastic’s mantras is to educate. Each correct answer should have an explanation as to why it’s correct.  We would like everyone to come away from a Geektastic challenge learning something.

Please check out our sample express code challenge if you haven’t seen it yet

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Guidelines for creating Express Challenges

Here are some guidelines to think about when constructing your express code challenges (1-6 are really important)

  1. No subjectivity please (!), your answers should be either right or wrong. Whether they are right or wrong should not be opinion based!

  2. No ambiguity (see point 1)

  3. Express Challenges are time limited to 4 minutes so please, no War and Peace questions. These should be designed to be bite-size not a mouthful.

  4. Please create questions that could be answered by anyone familiar with that particular programming language. If you do create a question that requires knowledge of a particular framework or non-core part of the language, please add tags where possible to your question to mark it as such e.g. Angular or React or Node.js.

  5. Express Code Challenges should not be designed to show your skills at creating impossible code challenges. We are looking for a broad spectrum of challenges from the ‘straight out of coding bootcamp’ through to ‘principal tech lead’ standard.

  6. If your challenge is totally bananas or isn’t close to being publishable then it will be rejected.

  7. We have a specialist review team that reviews all challenges manually. When reviewing your code challenge they will either:

    • publish it immediately
    • tweak it by making some minor modifications just to make sure it’s 100% accurate
    • make some comments and request that you make some changes yourself
    • reject it because they think it breaches some of these guidelines
  8. Too many rejections and you will be yellow carded (not able to create more Express Code Challenges) for a while

  9. Any profanities and you are red carded (blocked). We like a bit of humour (humor for some of you) but we have our limits.

  10. Please create your questions, answers and explanations in English only.

  11. We will provide a counter to show you how many times your challenge has been completed by other Developers in the community and feedback on whether your challenge was Educational and whether they would Recommend it.