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Express Coding Challenges for Developers

Test Your Coding Skills

Multiple Choice, Fast and Fun

Test your coding skills with Express Code Challenges

Express Code Challenges are bite-sized code challenges designed to test your coding skills through multiple choice questions.

Each question should take less than 5 minutes to answer.

We introduced Express Code Challenges to give members of the Geektastic developer community something to enjoy on a regular basis to keep testing and improving their coding skills.

Using our Express Code Challenge builder tool you can also create and share challenges as well as complete against others by trying to solve them.

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The first Express Challenge questions in each language were introduced by our expert UberGeek review team, but to keep them fresh and broaden the scope of their coverage we built an Express Challenge builder tool so the community can create a publish questions for everyone to enjoy.

Express Code Challenge Format

Each question follows the same format: A single question with up to 5 answers, one answer must be correct (of course) but the twist is, you can have multiple correct answers. In order to get the points the developer answering the question must correctly select all the correct answers.

The key to creating good Express challenge questions is to remove subjectivity.

We want to find questions that are either right or wrong. We quickly realised questions asking things like “which is the ‘best’ solution” or “which is the ‘fastest” answer’ were prone to starting flame wars.

This doesn’t mean we are moving away from our core product of peer review, take home code challenges. We still firmly believe that these offer the deep insight hiring teams need when making a decision about the suitability of a candidate.

Elo Rating System

We have also introduced an Elo type rating system to Express Challenges. Initially this will provide a relative skill level to show each player where they rank based on the results of the questions they have answered versus the other members of the community taking the same questions.

Mobile Friendly Code Challenges

Because Express Challenges are multiple choice this means they are mobile friendly. You can now take Geektastic Code Challenges on the move, on any device.

Mobile Friendly Code Challenges

Looking to find out more about take-home code challenges and what makes a good challenge?