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Geektastic partners with Playroll

Playroll helps you fly right past the cost, delay, HR & payroll complexity and legal liability of hiring the world’s talent, compliantly.

At Geektastic, we can help you identify the best candidates quickly, but what if you want to start hiring globally, you either need to set up legal entities and handle tax and compliance in each location or you can utilise the services of a company like Playroll who handle all this for you.

Playroll manage a ready-made network of ‘plug-and-play’ physical entities dotted all over the world. You can hire, land and expand affordably, effectively and scalably into new countries—without even thinking about leave policies, employee expenses, salary approvals, locally compliant employee contracts or any of that stressful stuff. That’s our job.

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Through Playroll you’ll gain quick market entry whilst saving time and money.

  • 24/7 international legal team support (Local taxes, employment laws etc.)
  • A dedicated Customer Success Manager to help you on your hiring journey
  • Local HR Compliance that updates itself
  • Manage all employee payroll runs, expenses, holidays, bonuses, commissions etc. in one platform.
  • Free hiring resources - Cost calculator and country playbooks
  • IP protection - your IP stays your IP

No funny business -  Just fixed, transparent monthly billing you’ll love

  • Start free
  • No credit required
  • Cancel whenever

Please visit their pricing page for full details on costs.


Turn ‘red tape’ into a ‘green light’ to hire

Offer people on the other side of the world their dream job in minutes, without having to solve the red tape, headache and chore of local employment regulations.

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Automate worldwide employee onboarding with a human touch

From a single point of support, to employment severance legal assistance, your Playroll experience is human-backed.

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