Create an insightful snapshot of your candidate’s open source projects on GitHub and peer review sentiment through their Stack Overflow profile with our unique Profiler tool.

Save time trawling through third party sites by simply entering your candidate’s details into Geektastic and receive an instant profile.

License one of our technical challenges to help you evaluate the various technical and problem solving skills of your future talent.

All our challenges are written by our amazing team of software engineers and cover a wide range of programming languages and technical competency.

We firmly believe a human eye will always provide a more thorough technical analysis than a machine.

Use our on demand team of highly skilled Software Engineers to evaluate your candidates’ challenge submissions. All our engineers have been thoroughly screened and on boarded to ensure we maintain our market leading position of excellence when it comes to providing real human technical feedback.

A CV/résumé alone doesn't tell the whole story

42% of software engineers don’t have a formal software engineering education which makes it extremely difficult to properly evaluate suitability from a CV/résumé alone.

More and more candidates are being sourced from overseas, without an in depth knowledge of that country’s tech community it’s hard to benchmark a candidate’s skill from their employment history.

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Hirer dashboard with pending assessments, hiring campaigns and candidate events

Hiring campaign management screen with campaign details and candidate list

How does Geektastic work?

  1. Register your company with Geektastic, for free.
  2. When you are ready to start hiring, simply enter a job description.
  3. Add a technical challenge to the campaign. Either license one of ours or upload your own.
  4. Add your candidates to the campaign and invite them to take part. If we have a suitable candidate and they have expressed an interest in you, we’ll put them forward.
  5. Use Geektastic to review candidates’ profiles and tech challenges and collaborate amongst your team.
  6. Hire your next rock star!
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We compliment your existing hiring flow. Not replace it.

You know better than anyone who you are looking for, we want to help you find them.

  • We provide a series of tools (Profile, Challenge, Review) that you can fit into your current hiring flow
  • Everyone suffers different pain points, everyone is different, we provide a modular platform where you can take as little or as much of the services we provide
  • You can use our tech challenges, your own or we will consult with you and create one specifically for your team
  • You can use our team of technical reviewers or you can do it in house. Sometimes you have the capacity to review all these candidate coding test solutions, sometimes it’s just too much.
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Candidate comparison view that can be shared with your colleagues

Pricing guideNo credit card details required to join

Monthly subscription

£50 / month


  • GitHub profiler
  • Create, administer and evaluate your own code challenges
  • Team collaboration.

Code challenge

£100 / annum
The fee is charged per challenge, e.g. JavaScript Word Game, Intermediate is one challenge.

Challenge evaluation

Geektastic developers reviewYour developers review
Geektastic code challenge
£30 / candidate review
£5 / candidate review
Your code challenge
£50 / candidate review
Included with monthly plan

Hiring from our candidate pool

15% / hire
Fee charged once per hire of candidate’s first year's annual salary.

NOTE: Discounted rate for recruiters, please contact [email protected] to apply.

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