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Effortless Tech Hiring

All major programming languages

Make a hiring decision with a single code challenge. No more multi-stage tech interviews.

Use our review team or use your own in-house developers

Access the world's top developers, vetted by reviewers from Google, Amazon and more

Our hand picked review team are distributed round the world

Our expert review team and talented developer community are distributed round the world

Some of our Code Challenges

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London Monuments
Columns Challenge
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Complete Flexibility

We know no two companies are the same. You can pick and choose which parts of the Geektastic platform you use.

Use our code challenges or create your own. Use our peer review team or your own in-house team to evaluate a developer's code.

Assess your own candidates or source remote developers from our pre-qualified global community.


Remove Unconscious Bias

Deliver diversity within your team with anonymous peer reviews. All reviews are carried out anonymously to remove unconscious bias from the technical assessment phase of your hiring flow. The developer is not identified to the reviewer and the reviewer is not identified to the developer.

By its very nature unconscious bias is difficult to pick up within the interview processes. Eliminate it by using our on-demand team (or your internal team) who don't know who they are reviewing.


Streamline your candidate assessements

Using Geektastic you can invite candidates to take online code challenges directly or via your ATS (we support Greenhouse and Workable).

All actions are tracked giving you and your team complete visibility of the candidate’s progress.

Candidates complete the code challenge (which can be time limited or more open ended) and submit their code for review.


Detailed technical evaluation

We firmly believe a human eye will always outperform a machine when it comes to detailed technical analysis of code.

Use our on-demand team of highly skilled engineers (our ÜberGeeks) to evaluate your candidates’ challenge submissions. All our engineers have been thoroughly evaluated and screened to ensure we maintain our market leading position of excellence when it comes to providing real human technical feedback.


Enhanced candidate experience

Our 360 degree code review tool allows candidates to respond to the reviewer's comments and questions.

Feedback provides additional insight into the candidate's soft skills and can be carried out in close to real time. It has been shown to be effective in terms of speeding up the hiring process for all parties involved.

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