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Geektastic delivers thorough technical evaluation of software engineers using peer reviewed code challenges.
Hire directly from our network of peer reviewed software engineers.

We know no two companies are the same. You can pick and choose which parts of the Geektastic platform you use.

Use our code challenges or create your own. Use our peer review team or your own developers to evaluate candidate code. Source pre-qualified software engineers from our community or try your luck elsewhere 😁

Deliver diversity within your team with anonymous peer reviews. All reviews are carried out anonymously to remove unconscious bias from the technical assessment phase of your hiring flow. The candidate is not identified to the reviewer and the reviewer is not identified to the candidate.

By its very nature unconscious bias is difficult to pick up within the interview processes. Eliminate it by using our on-demand team (or your internal team) who don't know who they are reviewing.

Using our platform you can create hiring campaigns and invite candidates to take online code challenges. All actions are tracked giving you and your team complete visibility of the candidate’s progress.

Candidates complete the code challenge (which can be time limited or more open ended) and submit their code for review.

Your candidates always remain yours alone.

We firmly believe a human eye will always outperform a machine when it comes to detailed technical analysis of code.

Use our on-demand team of highly skilled engineers (our ÜberGeeks) to evaluate your candidates’ challenge submissions. All our engineers have been thoroughly evaluated and screened to ensure we maintain our market leading position of excellence when it comes to providing real human technical feedback.

Our 360 degree code review tool allows candidates to respond to the reviewer's comments and questions.

Feedback provides additional insight into the candidate's soft skills and can be carried out in close to real time. It has been shown to be effective in terms of speeding up the hiring process for all parties involved.

Your roles are presented to developers on the platform who match the skills and abilities that you require.

You can make contact with developers you find on the platform or they can approach you about your role.

When new developers sign up on Geektastic looking for work or pass a qualifying challenge and match your jobs we can notify you via email and / or desktop notifications.

Our partners

Some of our clients

We engaged with Geektastic to evaluate candidates for some high profile roles we were hiring for because we wanted the human touch you just can't get from automated technical assessments.James AdamsPeople Finder at Just Giving

James Adams, People Finder at Just Giving is using Geektastic Code Challenges to evaluate software engineering candidates
Oscar Berg, Head of Development at Quickspin is using Geektastic Code Challenges to evaluate software engineering candidates

Using Geektastic’s code challenges has helped me save tons of time assessing candidates.Oscar BergHead of Development at Quickspin

How can Geektastic help you hire the best software engineers?

  1. You can use Geektastic to evaluate your candidates, find talented engineers looking for work already in our community or both.
  2. Register as a Hirer with Geektastic, for free.
  3. Either license one of our challenges, commission us to create one for you or create your own on the platform. We currently cover JavaScript with bespoke challenges for ReactJS and AngularJS, Java, C#, PHP, Python, iOS (Objective-C) and Android.
  4. When you are ready to start hiring, simply create a hiring campaign.
  5. If there are developers already in our community who are looking for work, they will be matched with your campaign.
  6. Add your candidates to the campaign and invite them to take a challenge.
  7. Use the Geektastic on-demand team to review candidate code submissions or have your in-house development team review them using our code review tool.
  8. Identify the top engineers from your sources and our community.
  9. Hire the next addition to your amazing team!

Machine-based screening of candidates doesn't work and makes candidates unhappy

Code Challenge Review summary screen

Geektastic firmly believes that humans provide far deeper insight into technical ability than machine-scored tests, which is why we use peer reviewed code challenges.

Machine-based platforms are infamous for filtering out good candidates who make silly syntax errors under time pressure and selecting for candidates who have mastered algorithm-based challenges but cannot necessarily produce maintainable code in a team environment.

Candidates strongly resent machine-based testing platforms (e.g. TestDome, Codility, IKM). because their style of challenges produce binary outcomes and do not do justice to a candidate's ability.

Combine this with having to write code in a custom and unfamiliar browser-based IDE and it's no wonder that uptake is so low.

Connect with exceptional software engineers

Geektastic exceptional Developer profile

Unlike candidates from agency recruiters, the software engineers in our community have the option to demonstrate their technical ability through participating in peer reviewed code challenges. This means that when you search for suitable engineers in our community, we highlight those who have already shown their coding skills.

Every developer has created their own anonymous profile containing their programming language and technical skills with corresponding experience and ability, salary expectations, type of employment sought (permanent, contract or remote), preferred work locations and company types (start-up, SME or large established corporate) complemented by a personal description with their career highlights and aspirations.

A completely flexible platform

Flexible pricing options

That all sounds great but how much does it cost?

The platform has been engineered with flexibility at its heart (a minimum of 8 cores).

  • License challenges from our growing library.
  • Use your own challenge (we know you may have one that's been used for the last 10 years and has screened every developer you've ever hired).
  • Use our expert code review team when your development team is feeling the pressure to make the next product release.
  • Use your own team and our code review tool when you're not feeling that pain and there's more time.
  • Unlike other platforms we do not charge an annual subscription fee because you're not necessarily hiring continuously for the whole year (view our Pricing).
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