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Press Release - December 2020

Third Republic signs partnership with Geektastic

A truly unique solution for the challenges experienced with hiring tech skills

Third Republic, a specialist tech recruitment agency, operating in the UK, across Europe and the US have agreed a strategic partnership with Geektastic, a peer review technical assessment platform to provide a unique offering in the staffing market with an ability to guarantee the technical expertise of its candidates.

The key to building successful technology is access to the right talent. Combining an ability to source passive, offline talent with the ability to technically assess them, provides businesses with access to high-quality engineering skills and pre-assessed contractors.

Companies using Third Republic already gain access to passive, offline talent sourced from their private communities. With Geektastic in place, hiring teams will now have the option to outsource their technical assessments, not only guaranteeing quality and reducing time to hire by up to 50%, but also saving hours and hours of engineering time normally spent on hiring.

For hiring contractors, businesses will be able to de-risk engagements by gaining access to a private community of high quality, technically assessed freelance engineers which they can leverage on- demand to augment their engineering teams.

Mat Roche, Co-Founder at Third Republic said of the partnership “We believe that traditional recruitment firms are becoming outdated. We also believe that hiring platforms and online marketplaces focus too much on the tech and not enough on the human element. Algorithms and AI are not adequately equipped to source and manage talent, recruiting talent is a people business. We believe in blending technology with humans to supply our customers with the right engineering skills, delivered by an outstanding customer experience.”

Rick Brownlow, CEO & Co-Founder at Geektastic said “From our inception we have blended technology and humans. Candidates are worth more than a score produced by a machine and respond far better to human interaction than chatbots and emails. We believe humans are far better at reviewing candidates’ code and interacting with candidates to find the right role fit. Whilst the world is going AI crazy, with the launch of our strategic partnership with Third Republic, our team of expert technical reviewers and Third Republics recruiters play a vital role in our ability to deliver the right talent to our customers.”

Finally, Richard Vercesi, Co-Founder at Third Republic said “Our partnership with Geektastic now offers what we believe to be a truly unique solution for the challenges experienced with hiring tech skills. In- house teams spend too long trying to source and engage the right talent and engineering teams typically spend hours evaluating and assessing technical skills instead of working on products. With Geektastic assessments embedded into our hiring solutions, we can now guarantee our customers will have access to best in class talent because they have been pre-qualified to an extremely high standard. Being able to outsource technical assessments will also save businesses weeks of engineering resources and the potential to cut time to hire by up to 50%.”

About Geektastic

Businesses spend too much time doing technical interviews and automated tech screening platforms don’t provide the level of insight into a candidate to allow hiring teams to make an informed decision.

The Geektastic technical assessment platform uses peer reviewed code challenges which are assessed by Geektastic’s expert on-demand review team, their UberGeeks. Geektastic’s review team work at companies including Amazon, Google during the day and review code challenges for Geektastic in their spare time.

This innovative approach to technical assessments sets it apart from other automated tech screening platforms who use machines to ‘score’ a candidate’s code.

Geektastic’s client base already includes top-tier engineering teams at Bulb, Bother, ComparetheMarket, Skyscanner and Auticon.

About Third Republic

Highly skilled people are increasingly looking for work in different ways as the move to digital changes societal norms, attitudes towards work and the way in which people are now managing their careers.

However, most companies today are relying on old fashioned recruiters and legacy recruitment suppliers who operate outdated, transactional resourcing methods to source talent, with increasingly negative results.

Modern recruitment is all about trust. By leveraging private communities of highly engaged talent, Third Republic connects leading employers with high-quality, offline candidates traditional sourcing methods can’t reach.

Date: 17th December 2020